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Vega Market

Vega Markt is a sales outlet of Feldbacher Fruit Partners GmbH. Here, our customers can find a variety of regional and, above all, seasonal products. The sales outlet focuses primarily on fruit and vegetables but also offers a selection of meat products, milk products, bakery products and drinks. 

Fruit and vegetable producers from the surrounding area deliver on demand, meaning that our products are always fresh and always available. Our many products, such as the delicious varieties of Styrian apples, mean that there is always plenty of choice, and our trained staff provide you with individual advice, making it easy to decide.

You can find regional delicacies such as Styrian Vulcano ham, east Styrian apples, south-east Styrian runner beans and of course Styrian horseradish on our well-sorted shelves.

Stored in the chiller cabinet, SteirerKren is our shop’s most innovative product. Freshly grated, it is sold in jars, has a naturally hot taste and keeps for six months. Feldbacher’s many years of experience in the production of horseradish means that you are guaranteed freshness.

We also offer organic and sustainable products. 




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