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"We believe the impossible to achieve the possible."

Feldbacher Fruit Partners GmbH was founded in 1976. Together with our subsidiary company Snack&Back GmbH Nfg & Co KG we employ around 120 staff at our Feldbach site. Our core business is the buying and selling of fruit and vegetables. Linking producers and customers, we always provide complete individual solutions. Equally important to our business is our freshly grated horseradish and horseradish sauce.

Our mission and our values
Reliability, punctuality, professionality, high quality products and high quality service are integral to our approach. We aim to provide our customers with added value. 

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We aim to provide top quality, to inspire trust and to meet the highest standards at every stage of the value creation chain. Equally, our work is shaped by strong partnerships with our suppliers, who make it possible for us to adhere to all specifications and guidelines. 

Flexibility and innovation
With our knowledge of the food industry and our tailor-made solutions, we always find satisfactory answers. Our business activities are shaped by a high level of flexibility at every stage of the value creation chain and we both encourage and evaluate ideas, shaping process and product innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We take economic, ecological and social responsibility in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety and employee safety.