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Pome fruit

All fruit belonging to the rose family are referred to as pome fruit. These fruits include apples, pears or quinces. Pomes are very popular in Austria and intelligent storage methods mean that they can be stored for months.






The apple belongs to the rose family and is a special kind of pome fruit. Many different variations can be purchased at markets, with tastes to suit everyone. The cultivated apple is the most well-known sort in the world.




Pears are pome fruits and belong to the rose family. The term "pear" is derived from the Latin "pirum". Pear trees are mostly deciduous, medium-sized trees with pear-shaped, sometimes roundish, fruits. The fruits have an average length of three to six centimetres and their seeds are almost black in colour.




Quince are pome fruits and belong to the rose family. The fruit tree has a long cultivation history and the fruit’s name derives from the Greek city of Kydonia. It is also the indirect namesake of the Austrian word for jam (Marmelade), since the Portuguese word for quince is "marmelo". The quince was originally found in east Caucasus.